Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The News at Ten(ish)

Despatches from the Plain of the Plain Thanes state that the limited fall maneuvers were a smashing success. Carried out mostly on the western slopes of the Frontier Hills "so as to avoid alarming our Gallian friends," as one anonymous courtier put it, the maneuvers were carried out under the watchful (to say nothing of baleful) eye of the Crown Prince, Joern Carlos.

It is further reported that the Crown Prince was in an unusually expansive mood during the maneuvers--it is said that hardly any officers were executed, and only a handful subjected to infamer cassation.

Word from Alta Nueva Scandalusia is that his Royal Majesty the High King Joern Carlos XI, is also pleased. It appears that after a long period of preoccupation with internal matters, the Union Real may be taking notice of developments beyond its own borders.

Finally, it is rumored that the mysterious Henrovian, Major Desmond Havelocke, was present with the royal observation party for at least a portion of the maneuvers, and that he departed for the capital with a small escort. His present whereabouts are unknown, but Major Havelocke is not believed to have passed the borders of the Union Real.