Thursday, October 9, 2008

El Ejercito Magnifico, Regimental Guide (3)

Being a brief overview of the regiments in the service of La Union Real, that shall be portrayed here from time to time (in a haphazard manner most befitting La Union Real)
Regimiento linea no 3 (Salsa-Verde)

The Salsa-Verde is best known for an incident in the War of the Failed Succession in 1703. During the campaign of 1703 the regiment, being rather down the roll in terms of seniority (or proprietor's influence at court), was ordered to cover a newly established magazine and the army's line of communications. The regiment successfully stood off raids by invading hussars and borderers for almost two weeks, until supported by the timely arrival two squadrons of dragoons. Officers in the regiment, instead of the pompom depicted here, wear a dried bundle of green chiles in their hats to commemorate the incident. Shown are musketeer and grenadier uniforms and the Regimentsfahne.