Monday, November 10, 2008

In which your host remembers his manners

One should long since have acknolwedged the source of the templates used to render El Ejercito Magnifico in these pages.

And so, rectifying a grievous oversight, please note that the templates (those depicted and those yet to be used) are the work of David at Not By Appointment. David's crack crew of military tailors have, one believes, outfitted many of the Imagi-Nations of the Emperor vs. Elector world. We are in his debt.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Around la Union Real

Word from Nuevo Narvik is that Casa Yayubetja has been occupied dealing with a financial crisis, allegedly precipitated by debasement of the coin. There has, as yet, been no official proclamation from either Crown or Exchequer, but unofficial word is that the High King's government disavows responsibility, fixing blame on large-scale counterfeiting from a source yet to be identified.

The coin of La Union Real is known as the silver real, or colloquially the silver cod, though he who calls it a cod-piece in earshot of a Scandalusian patriot may find himself invited to grass before breakfast. At any rate, it appears that a sizable number of coins have been found to be more than half zinc or tin, rather than silver.