Friday, September 12, 2008

El Ejercito Magnifico: Regimental Guide

Being a brief overview of the regiments in the service of La Union Real, that shall be portrayed here from time to time (in a haphazard manner most befitting La Union Real)

Regimiento linea no 1 (de la Pierna-Roja)

Regimiento de la Pierna-Roja is representative of the line infantry of the Amarillo. First raised in 1659, the regiment has served competently in most of Scandalusia's wars and was distinguished for its stand with the Guards regiments, with which it was brigaded in the Scandalusian Expeditionary Corps, in the First Crimenea campaign of 1722. The current colonel-proprietor of the regiment is Alejandro de la Pierna-Roja, who dressed the regiment in the traditional red trousers associated with his family.

The regiment is typically brigaded with the Guardia Real and deploys in the first line, just to the left of the famous Guards. Shown above, along with typical musketeer and grenadier uniforms, is the regimental color.


Capt Bill said...

Nice color combo, who is your tailor?

abdul666 said...

Veru pleasant and colorful - a promising debut for the Ejercito!
Loking eagerly forward for more,

abdul666 said...

Hopefully the Regimental Guide will eventually have so many entries - may I suggest to 'label' the corresponding posts, for easier and more secure exhaustive information retrieval? This can be done a posteriori ('new message' then 'edit messages', and type the label in the lower window).

Bluebear Jeff said...

Ah, very nice. I had decided to use an amber/gold color for Saxe-Bearstein's Dragoons . . . and your uniforms re-inforce my decision.

-- Jeff