Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Report from the exercises

Details are as yet sketchy, but a despatch from the training grounds of El Ejercito Magnifico suggests that a serious internal incident was narrowly averted. Apparently, a running dispute between officers of the Regimento-Ligera de Borrachin and one of the two regiments of Arnauts of the Moerish Dominions participating in maneuvers with El Ejercito Magnifico nearly came to blows. It is said that violence was averted by the personal intervention of the Crown Prince himself, although it is not yet known what HRH Joern Carlos actually did.

More details will be related as they become available. As of this writing, the implications for internal relations between the Moerish Dominions and the Union Real are unknown, but potentially serious.


Herzog Ignaz said...

The Dey of Bizercca as always stands ready to support his religious confreres against the presumptions of the Franj.

abdul666 said...

Peace-loving Monte-Cristo is ready, as always, to offer service as an unprejudicied intermediate to help bringing such conflicts to a peaceful conclusion.

Ken said...

Where's the fun in that? ;-)